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Wood…as inspiration!

As a wedding designer I try to keep my mind open for inspiration at all times.  It is amazing what kinds of things can spur an idea or even create an entire theme for a wedding.  Of course they are always just suggestions until a bride decides she loves it.  Today I am inspired by wood.  Something that surrounds us everywhere, is so natural, but can be so versatile!  Oh and you don’t have to be some naturalist, hippie, or forest nymph.  There are many modern and cutting edge looking ways to use wood that will make even the most citified bride ooh and ahh.  Check these great ideas out!!!


Signs, Signs, Everywhere is Signs!!! 

Wooden Wedding DecorWhat a better way to lead your guests around a large venue or share a lovely wedding message. 

Wooden Wedding DecorSimple, but so elegant and beautiful. 









Wedding favors…always a dilemma.

No one wants more clutter, but a small souvenier from your wedding is surely welcome if it is useful. 

Warm outdoor venue?  Surprise your guests with beautiful wooden fans.  Helps keep away the heat and the flying critters during your ceremony and reception, but also is a wonderful favor for them to take home to remember your special day.
Wedding Favors IDEA: They can also easily be painted in your wedding colors if you want to do some DIY customization.

Like wine, a personalized wooden wine stopper is another perfect useful favor for all of your guests…well assuming they drink wine.

         Wooden Wedding Favors

Wooden Wedding FavorsTo make both the knick knack folks and the practical folks happy we have a key chain. It’s a tchochke  but still useful.  Everybody has keys right?









I Love Window Panes!!!

Those of you who follow this blog know that I love window panes.  I know, I know you have seen it before, but there are so many different things you can do with them and they are just great!!


Wooden Wedding Decor

Wooden Wedding Decor


 BONUS:   Easy to find in salvage yards and at resale construction shops.  ADDED BONUS:  They won’t break the budget, but can look extremely expensive if done right.





The wooden table is my favorite of them all!!! Wooden Wedding Picnic
Forget the table cloths, go for colorful placemats, napkins, and centerpieces to dress these one of a kind tables up.Wooden Wedding Picnic Table


Pair them with chiavari chairs  for a more classic look.

Weddin gPicnic Table




Or go all out picnic with the traditional slab table and benches.










There are plenty of other ideas for wood, from escort cards and table numbers to lounge sets and chandeliers.  Whatever your mind can imagine can probably be realized through the use of wood.  If you have any ideas or have seen something amazing using wood, please share them with us…we’d love to see them.


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