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Valentine’s Proposals

I love proposals…and of course weddings.

Maine Wedding Planner, ValentineWhat could be more fabulous than a Valentine’s Day Proposal?  I know.  It sounds really cliché, and cheesy, but well…most women, especially wedding planners would be lying if they said that they didn’t enjoy a sappy moment; not every now and again, but everyday!

Maine Wedding Planner, Engagement Valentine







As a planner…I think proposals are very important, and a well executed one can be just the influence you need to start the perfect life together.

Maine Wedding Planner, ProposalsNot to mention…a planner who helped the engagement process can certainly be an asset with the wedding process.

Maine Wedding Planner Valentine







Never underestimate the power of a perfectly planned proposal.

Vintage or Retro Weddings

I’m always looking for what’s trending in events and weddings.  For the past several years vintage and/or retro has been a  popular design concept.  However, as a very literal designer I wanted to know what the difference was so that I can accurately deconstruct what my clients are really looking for and present them with ideas that fit their ultimate visions.

 Ok….so what is the difference between Retro and Vintage.  As a designer who enjoys originality and dramatic appearances I am prone to consider my taste more retro than vintage.  However, in all honesty I am not sure that there is much of a difference in a “retro” wedding and a “vintage wedding.”  







Retro is defined by Wikipedia as a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall postmodern past, that has since that time becomefunctionally or superficially the norm once again.   In short…something that was fabulous in the past, disappeared for a while and then reappeared and is fabulous again.


Vintage is defined by as representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars;vintage movies.

So vintage is a word used to represent fancy schmancy, expensive stuff from yesteryear.  Basically Retro is “popular” Vintage.


Ask how Events by Mackie can help you achieve your vintage and/or retro visions for your wedding!






The Centerpiece

Showing my originality as wedding designer is always my goal.  I know that I am not a traditionalist, and although my clients are sometimes very “traditional” I strive everyday to  represent ALL of my clients with something different.  I don’t just want to be out of the box…I want my events to be out of this world.  I want to represent those people who want to make a big statement with the fabulousness they deserve and the event that is unlike any other.

Every event has elements that are almost required, and if nothing else…very much expected.  One of these elements is the “Centerpiece.”

The centerpiece is a dilemma that faces many brides.  Traditionally it was big, leafy, full of baby’s breathe, roses, and more recently curly willow.  As an artist I don’t believe in tradition.  I believe in showing your spirit…making a statement.

There are hundreds of elements that can be used and re-used in different ways to make your wedding centerpiece unique.  Below are just a few.



Lighted Orbs
Bonsia Trees

Wheat Grass











These are just a few examples of traditional elements that can be used and manipulated in different ways to create beautiful, original, and creative centerpieces.  Thus, meeting the traditional need of the “centerpiece” while still remaining true to your idea of originality.   Ask your wedding designer for other ideas.



My Wedding 2012

Photo Courtesy of Heather Parker Photography

Happy Holidays!

As we stare down the end of 2011, it is evident for all of you 2012 brides that it is time to start really cracking the whip with your planning.

Many of you, I am sure have been flipping through magazines, oohing and aahhing over designs, and trying to find your look when it comes to your wedding.

As a designer I now how hard it can be to quote, find your muse, unquote.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself so that your wedding is beautiful, unforgettable, and completely yours:

1.  What is it about you that makes you different?  Don’t let this question scare you.  We are all unique.  There is something about all of us that makes us stand out.  Whether it be your obsession with 80’s brat pack movies, your love of lizards, or your interest in the styles of the 1920’s (just to name a few of mine), no one is exactly like you.

2. Is tradition important to me and my fiancée?  Tradition is fantastic.  You should know when you start planning how much tradition is going to play a part in your wedding.  Everything from the design of the ceremony site, to the timeline of your reception, to the vows can be affected by tradition.  Make sure to discuss this with you other half and make sure you are on the same page with regards to this.  However, tradition does not mean boring and repetitive.  Remember tradition can always be included in new and interesting ways.  Staring your own tradition by revamping or refurbishing old traditions can make for an exciting and unique wedding!

3. If I could have one dream element in my wedding (no matter what the cost) what would that thing be?  I ask this question because usually some secret dream always comes out.  Although we may not be able to have the Blue Angels do a fly by, or Michael Buble sing you down the aisle.  If we know your dream we can reach for those stars and get as close as possible.  Knowing your perfection helps us create those moments. 

Remember…you can take details from many different sources, but your wedding should be all about you.  Don’t follow the trends, follow your heart and you can and will have the wedding of your dreams!


Veteran’s Day 2012

Happy Veterans Day everyone!  marriage, military, wedding dresses

On this day as I think about both of my Granddaddys who served in the military and risked their lives everyday through two or three different wars I look for ways I can give back and know that I am making them proud. One amazing way to honor our service members and support them through the wedding industry is Brides Across America!

Brides Across America was born on a realization that our country needs to do more to support our troops and their families. Bringing bridal and military together is a marriage made in heaven!  Bridal salons are uniting across America to donate and give away wedding gowns to qualified military brides.

To find a participating location near you or to donate check go to Brides Across America.

Happy Veterans Day everyone!!  Remember our troops today and keep them in your prayers!