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Dress Up Your Wedding Invitation – Calligraphy

Wedding invitations, Calligrapher When it comes to invitations there a billion choices to make: types of paper, color of ink, inserts, covers, lined envelopes, ribbons, letter press, laser print.  So many that it can leave you totally overwhelmed.  No one can make these choices for you, but one thing I, as a wedding designer, believe in is hand addressed envelopes.  Nothing says attention to detail, style, and beauty more than having a calligrapher finish the artistry of your invitations.

My newest Vendor Billboard is Calligraphy by Jennifer.  With many different styles and ink colors Jennifer spares nothing in her attention to detail. Her professionalism and artistry is top-notch.   So…take your invites to the next level.  Contact Calligraphy by Jennifer.  Remember, besides your save-the-dates this is the first “piece” of your wedding that you guests will see.  Set the tone, get them ready for your special day with a flair.  You can’t go wrong…delight yourself and your guests from the minute they are invited!!!

Bridal Shower Ideas

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine is a treasure chest of ideas that I absolutely love!!  Darcy’s Idea is one of my favorite bridal advice columns!  Lately I have had quite a few calls regarding wedding showers. Darcy’s contribution for July 8th is fabulous because so many are tired of the usual and boring showers, how refreshing to see these creative and unique ideas My favorite is the Holiday Themed Shower.   What’s yours?

Martha Stewart Weddings – Darcy’s Idea

Wedding Day Hair and Make-Up

Wedding day hair and make-up It’s almost wedding day, you are so excited.  You have a venue, a designer, a florists, a DJ/Band, and a caterer.  Your dress is being altered…your bridesmaids are all set, and it seems that everything is falling into place.  Now…sit back and count the days.

WAIT…what about hair and make-up?  Where do you start?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Find a spa or salon that specializes in wedding day styles and make-up.
  • Schedule a consultation and meet with the service providers who will be focusing on you during your preparations.
  • Find photos and examples of the hairstyle you want, as well as the specific look you wish to achieve with your make-up, e.g. dramatic, subtle, natural, etc.
  • Schedule a trial make-up and hair day. (This is so important…this day is one of the most special in your life.  You would never buy a car without a test drive.  Make sure to test your stylists and aestheticians.)
  • If you are using your regular stylist or salon you should still do a test run.  Make sure they can achieve your desired look in the time frame you need.
  • Book your appointments with plenty of time in advance.  (Don’t forget mani/pedis)

None of this is rocket science.  You want to look the best you can on this wonderful occasion…make sure you are prepared!!

Wedding Signs

Creative Signage

Parking * Ceremony * Chapel * Wedding * Reception * Cocktails * Photos * Restrooms

…anything you want to direct your guests to or from!

The way to do it is with signs.  Funky, clunky, colorful, vintage, modern, weathered, computer generated, hand painted, manufactured.  Capture the mood of your wedding and add a touch of flair.  Last but not least…you can keep the sign(s) as wonderful memorabilia from your special day.

Ceremony, Cocktails, Dancing Colorful wedding guests directionsS

So many looks…so many options!

Photo wedding signs Vintage Wedding Signage

Heather-NicoleFebruary 18, 2013 - 10:23 pm

I love the sign of the couple pointing to their wedding. Can you please give me a quote? This is for a late July wedding. Thanks!

keeleeJune 26, 2013 - 11:02 pm

Hi im in texas but i love and want the sign? How and where can i order it? Or get it made? Please share!

mackieJune 27, 2013 - 11:47 am

Hi Keelee. I am not sure which sign you are talking about. These are signs from different wedding planners, including me. They are all fairly inexpensive to make, but shipping them to Texas would cost more than the sign. I am sure you can contact a local wedding designer and someone can help you. Let me know which sign you are interested in and I can give you the particulars so you can pass the information on.


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