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The “Lounge”

An event…the perfect event has many elements that strive to reach goals of attendant satisfaction.  As a designer my favorite added element is the “Lounge.”  Every time I get ready to plan any kind of party or celebration I hope so much that my client is going to want a lounge.  Nothing better than breaking up the space and the event monotony than with a lounge area that WOWs your attendees.  Rope it off and call it a VIP section, dress it up with drapery and varying themes, dim the lights and add dramatic lighting and candles. Offer table service, an oxygen bar, video games…anything to change the mood and the atmosphere, anything to start another party within a party.  Two parties for the price of one.

Here are some lounge ideas…

A great tent lounge to add comfort and relaxation to a fabulous wedding or party.

wedding lounge, event lounge furniture

Dress up some old fashioned hotel decor with dim overhead lighting and some dramatic colored up lighting to compliment the floral decor or other added elements and draw the eye away from the busy carpet.

Lounge lighting, event lounges, wedding lounge, lounge furniture

A rooftop lounge adding comfort, but complimenting the ambience of the architecture surrounding the venue.

Event lounge furniture, event and wedding lounge

And last, but  not least my absolute favorite…a mood creating collaborative of lighting, drapery,  and furniture!

lounge lighting, wedding lounge furniture, event lighting

Quick note…although you can always use colored furniture, the comfort of the furniture is what is important, and if you use white or another neutral color than your guests eyes can be guided wherever you want.  Be conscious of everything else in the room and accentuate your best assets with lighting or added elements such as florals or candles.

Events by Mackie rents lounge furniture for events.  Contact us for a free quote.  Please be advised that furniture rentals take approximately 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

An original tablescape idea

With the internet being such a vast field of information,  I have decided that I am going to borrow an idea from a favorite wedding blogger of mine and start a weekly blog.  This weekly blog  regarding events and weddings will be titled Trinkets.  The reason for this name is simple…although the definition of trinket is a small item usually of little or no value, we all know that the value of a trinket is measured by its beholder.  How many of us have our own personal cache of trinkets that no one else would want or put value on, but we of course think are priceless?

My weekly Trinkets will vary depending on the topic.  Some will be Wedding Trinkets and others will  be Event Trinkets. A new Trinket will be posted every Monday and it will share an  idea, some information or just some thoughts that may be of value to you.  The best thing about it is…if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it, and if you do like it…well leave a comment.

Today’s Wedding Trinket is a candle/floral presentation I found on the Wedding Tree website.

Wedding candles, tablescapes, centerpieces

Now…this looks so fantastic.  It reminds me of the centerpieces of cupcakes or flowers on covered cake stands such as…

Centerpieces, Cakedome

So not to be a party pooper but, my concern with these tablescape details is…wait for it…definitely wax drippings.  I am almost positive that during a three to four hour event these candles would melt down and drip right over the side of the glasses.  Maybe I am wrong, but with the cost of replacing linens due to wax damage, this idea should be tested at home before you plan this as part of your special day.  Anywhoo…it sure does look amazing.

Oh and P.S.  I have a weakness for things under cake domes.  For some reason they just seem to look so much more beautiful!


Wedding reception decor

A little too much!

Recently I have been playing with color schemes and looking at reception venues.  I have come to the conclusion that with certain colors less is more.  The color scheme this time involves red, black, and white.  As my favorite photographer put it…”with red….less is more!!!”

 As a wedding/event planner I have seen large rooms completely decorated and put together in many various ways.  So of course I have seen some décor ideas gone wrong.  The biggest mistake I believe a host or event planner can make is to overdo something.  Now don’t get me wrong there are occasions where tons of color and busy-ness may be the look you are going for, but…those are specific and purposeful choices, for instance if you are planning a circus party or maybe a crazy Mardi Gras celebration.  When you are looking for a simple and elegant wedding this is probably not one of those times.  The most important thing about putting together your colors, your décor and your tablescapes is visualization.  There is no way that a designer can totally create a sample of the entire room for you to experience and approve. Unfortunately, what may look beautiful and inviting on one or two tables can become a kaliedascope of carnival colors when you attack an entire room. 

There is no remedy or sure solution, but looking at a lot of photos can certainly help.  Thankfully with the internet you can see thousands of pictures with tablescape ideas and also…thankfully even some pretty awful ones are posted out there in cyberspace.  I apologize for being judgmental but there are definitely horrible as well as beautiful examples of wedding themes all over the internet, so do your research.  Also if you have a planner, there is nothing wrong with asking her to put together some good examples and some bad examples for you.  She is there to spend her time helping you and this is definitely something that will benefit both you and her as she puts together your dream wedding. 

Wedding reception decor

Just a touch...Pure Elegance

VERSATILITY…Not Just a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner, hiring a planner, versatile plannerSimply Unforgettable Events by Mackie has been busy, busy, busy! That is a good thing, but it has been a challenge. I am learning more and more that to do lists, post its, and tasks list on my little Palm Pixie are the wonders of my life. I am also learning just how versatile I can be and enjoying every minute of it. Not only is it great to have a thriving business, but to have it thriving in many different ways makes every day a new and exciting adventure.

I have been planning a lot lately. The events are running the gamut. From weddings, to art auctions, to membership drives, to anniversaries, to city wide celebrations. The diverse amount of events that I have put my hand into is not only keeping me running, but connecting me with loads of people. I love this. I thrive on social interaction and having the opportunity to meet, talk with, work with, and learn from all sorts of individuals is a joy everyday.

Stay tuned for more updates…oh and check out the new promo video!


Planning an event can be fun, exciting, and exhilarating, but one downer of the whole process can be your budget!  I call my formula the B-P3.  Budget Plan Purchase Party.  Sounds corny, but it keeps me on track! 

Money, Budgets, Parties, Brides, Weddings

As a party host, bride, or event planner the budget is the most important item, and it should be the one that gets your attention first.  Unfortunately, many people err on the side of choosing venues, vendors, favors, décor, etc and then try to fit it all into a number that they have.  Don’t get caught into this trap.  Set a number first.  Decide what the budget for your event will be and then assign a percentage of that budget to each aspect of your event.  Now obviously not every item is going to fit  neatly into its assigned amount, however as you work through your event/wedding budget if you make sure nothing goes over its assigned amount then you will most probably have money left where things were less expensive than expected and you can then allocate extra funds to those more expensive items. 

Without a doubt your budget can make or break your event.  A fantastic event can be held on a conservative budget, just make sure to build one, follow it, and don’t overspend!