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Rain Rain Go Way, Please Don’t Rain on My Wedding Day!

As I sit here working I can hear the rain pounding on the pavement and the cars sloshing through the rivulets of water racing down the street.

Working as a wedding planner in a state that quite often has five minute weather…you know… “If you don’t like the weather wait five minutes.”  It is always a smart idea when planning something as important as your wedding to have a Plan B or Rainy Day Plan!

Here are a few ideas to make your day special, even if Mother Nature doesn’t exactly agree with you!


Galoshes or rain boots to compliment your colors or your theme:

Color themed rain boots for weddings

                                                          Bridal party rain gear

 2nd… Headcover.

Umbrellas can be amazing accessories and they can be used rain or shine.  Look for brellies that are color coordinated or even have them created with your names and your wedding date on them.  Prior to the ceremony the umbrellas can have florals attached to the handle and they can be hung on the back of each chair so that each guest is outfitted properly to either block the sun’s powerful rays or protect their coiffed hair or Sunday best clothing from raindrops.  Not to mention…your guests now have a “useful” take-home that can remind them of your fabulous one of a kind day!

Umbrellas to match your wedding colors or theme

Personalized wedding umbrella


Make sure your photographer takes full advantage of your rain gear as well as the weather. Water can make a spectacular addition to photographs, creating some amazing reflective properties and overall romantic affects.  Have some black and white shots…leave only certain elements in color, for example the boots, or the umbrellas.  Last but not least make sure he looks out for rainbows!!!

Water image wedding          Black and white photos with a splash of color

Rainy day wedding with rainbow

There are probably thousands of other ideas out there…but the blanket answer for any wedding is “BE PREPARED.”  For an outdoor wedding the blanket answer is “BE PREPARED FOR RAIN!”

Theme Ideas

One of the first points of anxiety I encounter when reading blogs and talking to party hosts/brides is always a concern over thematic points.  People become severly stressed about how their event/wedding will cohesively flow and what the overall ambience and vibe will be.

First of all…a neatly defined theme with clearly constructed parameters is not a necessity for a successful, beautiful event.

Often I have found it easier to work backwards.  As an example, instead of having  a set theme in their head, a client may present me with an object.  For instance, a piece of Lenox red and white china, check out this Inspiration.

Be creative.  Don’t limit yourself with borders.  Remember out of wild ideas can come brilliantly, unique, and beautiful events.


So I am finally getting myself into the habit of trying to get on here and talk to you all at least three times a week. Things are hopping around here as I abuse Bertha G (my 2000 Jeep Cherokee) by buzzing all around Maine checking out venues, parks, and just any corner of the state I haven’t seen. I am looking forward to a trip to Bar Harbor at the end of June to stay at the Bar Harbor Hotel – Blue Nose Inn. My first visit to Bar Harbor was Thanksgiving 2009, when it was dead asleep, it will be nice to be there in the newness of summer when every thing is fresh, open, and lively. I am really looking forward to it.

Stay tuned for photos from my Bar Harbor trip.

Next stop…Portland, ME to coordinate the Innovation Engineering Technology Institute for the University of Maine and Doug Hall.

Destination Events

I have been doing a lot of research about weddings and events in Maine.  I am very confused as to why people pay exhorbitant amounts of money to event planners from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, etc. to come up to Maine and plan their weddings when they can’t possibly have the knowledge and/or the connections that event planners who live in Maine have. 

Knowing venues, locations, photographers, and caterers and having an established working relationship with them will save clients time and money. 

So, please come to Maine, please have your events in Maine, but please…if for no other reason than to get unique and fabulous events planned by someone who knows the location, hire a Maine event planner!  You will not be disappointed!

Building a Business

So the weeks have been flying by and I seem to really be losing track of time.  I love what I do, but just as people told me before I really started this venture, my life now belongs to my job.  After just three full months I sometimes cannot remember a time when Simply Unforgettable Events by Mackie wasn’t all consuming of my time.  I am passionate about what I do, and am not sorry that this is the route I have chosen…I just can’t wait until all of this work and dedication really pays off.  Not necessarily monetarily.  My real dream is to have satisfied, grateful clients, and a reputation that proceeds me.  All in good time…I know…all in good time.

The planning for the launch party is going well.  The invitations went out on Friday.  (NO TURNING BACK NOW!!) I am excited to get into my venue and really start putting together the theme and how it is going to look.  I know that what I have planned will be spectacular.  I can close my eyes and see it, however since the venue is a newly constructed structure there is always the chance that what I envision will be a bit different when put inside the walls of the building.  I will, however, make it work.  April 29th is the big day, and yes I am counting!   The first packages of decorations began arriving, I will be meeting with the owners of the plant nursery Monday afternoon, my florists is spectacular and has promised me beautiful garlands of fresh spring flowers, my photographer is going to do some great artsy shots of the decor before the party for my website, and my marketing team is promising a wonderful press release to announce my arrival.  I have high hopes…and a lot of work to do.  Wish me luck, well luck and some elbow grease!