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Snooki’s Wedding

With at least ten celebrity engagements happening in 2012, 2013 is probably going to be filled with plenty of brilliantly planned celebrity weddings.  With Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, and many more, there are of course tons of celebrity wedding planners chomping at the bit to be a part of any one of these fabulous nuptials!

Although as a planner I strive for every one of my couples to feel like celebrities at their wedding, there are certainly challenges when planning for couples whose wedding will be scrutinized by paparazzi and fans alike.  Not only must you exceed the expectations of the bride and groom and their guests, but you also may be faced with meeting the expectations of the public as well.

One such couple that is destined to have some public scrutiny and will most likely host an over the top wedding will be Nicole Snooki Polizzi and her son’s father Jionni LaValle.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi and Jionni LaValle


Snooki and Jionni have expressed that they don’t want to get married on the Jersey shore.  The couple want to have a “traditional” church wedding with a lavish formal party to follow.  Using her favorite color, pink, and keeping her bright and lavish taste in mind I have put together a Polizzi/LaValle inspiration board predicting the look of this one of a kind Guido/Guidette Wedding!


Snooki and Jionni Get Married

A Pnina Tornai gown celebrates Snooki’s bright style while still displaying class and elegance.

Pink baby doll bridesmaid dresses portray what Snooki loves to wear herself.  It flatters all figures but assures that the flash is still coming predominantly from the bride.

The flowers, from the bouquets, to the church to the reception, are a mixture of light and dark pink peonies and roses.  Large bold flowers to fill the space with simple elegance and lavish scent.

The reception hall is uplit in pink with white lit towering centerpieces.  Pink and white ribbon cascades from the rafters to create a filled ceiling to floor flowing effect.

The final piece to this wedding is the cake.  A large white cake covered in hand crafted pink sugar florals creates a complete picture of the perfect pink paradise wedding.

2013 All White Wedding

It’s the New Year.  New to me means a fresh start, shiny, clean, and bright.   A wedding should be just that.  A bright, shiny, new moment to celebrate the start of a new life together.  What is brighter and cleaner than white.  An all-white wedding…everything from the bridal party wardrobe to the food.  Here is my New Years Inspiration board, celebrating a new beginnings!!!

White Bridesmaid Dresses

 An all white bridal party.  Some may vary the look of their bridesmaids with colored sashes or varying flowers, but to me the palate looks better with all neutrals.  
A beautiful table is always refreshing.
With the clean look of whites the eleganceAll white reception tables
of the arrangements and the seating shines through every time.
A wedding cake should always capture the theme of a wedding.  Translating the mood through its elegance and its lines.  This cake is beautiful and simple with classic elements that make its perfection immediately evident.
White Wedding Cake
A couture gown is a fabulous way to ensure that your wedding is original.  No other bride will ever walk the aisle in your dress.  This dress by Sash Couturecaptures  phenomenal classic lines with an empire waist cut in satin and brings a feminine modern fluidity with the addition the feather elements.

Feathered Wedding Dress

Dress Photography by Jennifer Medeiros Photography

To continue the theme.  Beautiful but strong florals will support the theme of new beginnings.  A flower that boasts a strong shape and maintains its fresh look throughout your ceremony and your reception.  A cascading bouquet of orchids bouquet creates movement and elegance while fiercely complimenting your modern mood.

Cascading White Orchid Bridal Bouquet


Bolivian/American Wedding

Ready, Set, Go

We are off and planning our first Washington DC wedding.

A Bolivian Groom and an American Bride.

Although the color scheme of yellow and gray is decidedly more American than Bolivian we are combining the usual American fare with some delectable Bolivian eats, gifting the guests with Bolivian favors, and having a bi-lingual wedding ceremony!



Vegetable Crudite  Table

American Crudite Buffet

Saltenas…a Bolivian meat pie.

Bolivian Wedding Food


Bolivian Coffee Bean Personalized BagsWedding Favors

Bolivian Tagua Bead Key Chain

Bolivian Wedding Favor


Oscar Gold Tablescape

I have always had a love affair with silver. Never quite warming up to anything gold, except of course for my Grandmother’s gold ruby and diamond anniversary ring. That of course was strictly an affection fostered by it always being on my Grandmommee’s hand. Upon her death my Granddaddy gifted that ring to me, and since that day it has been the sole gold accessory that I would declare a gold trinket I could not live without. Still I wear it sparingly and only if the color scheme does not scream “SILVER.” In light of that, and although movies are always acquainted with the “Silver Screen”– Oscar is gold…and he would certainly be another exception to my rule, if I were ever to be granted the honor of accessorizing with him. So in honor of Oscar Sunday here is a gold tablescape based on the couple John Lennon and Yoko One. The concept was created by Paige of Bash Eco Events and Kelly of Yes Please Design. For more fabulous photos and the story behind the design check out the this Milk + Honey Blog.


Maine Wedding Planner Oscar Weddings

Maine Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have become a must with most weddings, but plenty of people are tired of the age old small box of candies, candles, or silly trinkets that you will never use, but feel bad throwing away.  So what is trending with wedding favors?  Well if you ask this Maine wedding planner, I will give you ideas that address or compliment your theme, but won’t weigh your guests down with junk that will cost you money and just collect dust.  Look for favors that are useful.  Items that can be used or even used up.  Not only will this be environmentally friendlier, but it will make your guest happy as well.

Here are a few ideas from me, your Maine wedding planner: A fabulous gift from a Maine based Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegrette company.  Fiore is located in Rockland and Bar Harbor and they offer an original and delicious favor that can be personalized with your own message.Maine Wedding Planner Favor Ideas







Of course…being a Maine wedding planner I cannot skip over our background in the Maple business.  So…personalizedMaple syrup or even Maple candy will make any guests smile sweetly.Maine Wedding Planner Favor Ideas




Love love love this favor from  Jillian Events Design & Styling.  A small suntea jar with a tea bag included. Not only is this simple and beautiful, but it is useful and creative!Maine Wedding Planner Favor Ideas










Sweet Chic Events touched my heart with gorgeous little plants that just happen to be herbs.  Maine Wedding Planner Favor Ideas So they look great, but you can take them home and create yummy homemade recipes with them.






Finally, a recent Maine bride of mine decided to donate her budgeted favor monies to a local Maine cancer charity in the name of each guest.  She then gave a momento gift of a pink tulip pin on a card informing each guest of their gift. Below is an example of a memento card from Look Love Send.

Maine Wedding Planner Favor Ideas

Although I have listed resources for ideas below.  Remember you do not have to purchase manufactured favors…it is just as easy to ask your Maine wedding planner to help design and create an original favor just for you.  There are plenty of other ideas.