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Say YES? To that dress?

Wedding dress, Modern, sexy wedding dress

Wedding dresses are so important to a bride that they can truly make or break a wedding experience.  I mean there is a whole show about it on TLC.  So what makes a dress the perfect dress and what makes it less than perfect?

Kleinfeld’s has it right when they say the first order of business is to please the bride.  If a bride puts on a dress and it instantly makes her feel giddy, weepy, beautiful, better than ever…well good luck changing her mind.  The downside…trying on a dress in a beautiful dressing room with all of your supporters telling you how fantastic you look is not the same as really seeing your dress in the moment.  You sometimes hear the assistants discuss the season, and maybe if it is outdoor or indoor, but rarely do you hear much more than that.  Now this could be simple editing to fit the show into its half hour slot, but it is a great disservice to brides not to make this a selling point!

As a wedding designer I understand the concept of blending all of the elements into one cohesive function.  Although a wedding dress is not the only element in aWedding dresses, modern wedding dresses wedding it is one of the most important.  Remember all eyes are trained to come back to that dress.  The bride is the “Center” of that event and rightly attendees will continue to watch and react to her.  That being said…if the venue does not compliment or complete the dress than the overall event may appear choppy and disjointed in its theme.  This doesn’t mean your dress has to be matchy, matchy.  It just means you shouldn’t completely clash in style and/or color.  A church wedding, as opposed to a beach wedding, as opposed to a ballroom wedding…all of these elements should be considered when choosing your dress.

Recently online, I observed photos from a wedding where a bride was wearing a very vintage conservative dress.  It was amazing and beautiful.  Upon further examination I began to notice that the design concept of the wedding was very modern.  With sharp angles and dark cold colors.  Now this wedding theme/design has become a popular look.  One of the most popular combinations in the past couple of years has been black, red, and white, but these colors do not, I repeat do not go well with a vintage, conservative, lacey dress.  The theme of the wedding completely overshadowed the dress and the bride looked lost and out of place in the photos.

Wedding dress

The same goes for your bridal party.  Don’t put your attendants in purple dresses if your celebration is going to be in a room that has large dark red accents in a patterned carpet.  Watch for clashing colors and patterns. Know your venue, or at least make sure your wedding designer knows your venue.  Take pictures.  Watch colors, shapes, lighting…every element to make sure they all work well together.  At the end of the day you may not even notice that they all blended so well, but believe me, if you don’t work to make sure they do, when you get your videos and/or photos back.  You will notice that something is not right, and remember you don’t get a “Do-Over.”

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Feathers, feather, feathers.  I love feathers.  I honestly think I have an unhealthy fascination with them.  The best things about feathers while designing for Maine weddings is that they’re not affected by the weather.  It can be the middle of the arctic Maine winter and you can get feathers just as easily and at with the same cost as you can get them in the middle of the perfect Maine summer.   They are a wonderful accessory for a Maine wedding planner.


Yesterday I designed a wedding photo shoot based around a vintage antique white dress adorned by feathers, designed by Sash Couture.  I, of course, had to include feathers in my design.  Don’t have those photos yet, but I decided to share some other feathered ideas.


Maine wedding planner, feathered dress



A winter wedding in Maine would be the perfect setting for this beautiful white feathered dress.  Adorned with either a short  fur bolero, or even a long fur lined cape this dress would be perfection in the snow!







Let’s talk peacock…a peacock feather has a fabulous color palate for spring, summer, and fall.  Maine wedding planner, fall weddingsDon’t get me wrong you can certainly incorporate the colors into any season, but the gold, green, and blue just seem to bring out the warmth of these particular times of year.  Maine wedding planner, wedding cake As a Maine wedding planner my eye is drawn to the gold and green in this feather which just says autumn to me.




Last…a bit dramatic, but breathtaking to me is the feathered centerpiece.  This can of course be whatever color you want, but using this centerpiece to make a statement means really having either colors that pop or bling  that catches the eye.

Maine wedding centerpieces

Feathers are not for every0ne, but if you love them like I do they are very versatile and can be used in so many different ways.

The Budget Friendly Wedding Flower – Carnation

Maine Wedding PlannerI recently had a conversation with someone who said that they really did not like carnations.  In truth I was right there with them.  Carnations are not my favorite flower.Maine Wedding Planner

Although I do enjoy a bit of their fragrance I tend to find their appearance a little common and dare I say “cheap.”


Maine Wedding Planner




Truthfully carnations are not cheap, and although for some reason they have gotten a bad rap in the last few years they can be very good flowers to fill spaces and make for some original and beautiful décor.




Here are a few examples of what you can do with carnations that steps away from overdone traditional and into original, but still affordable!



Maine Wedding Planner


Maine Wedding Planner


Carnation Wedding Cake

Maine Wedding Planner

Carnation Ceremony Decor

Maine Wedding Planner

Maine Wedding Planner

Day of Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Wedding Planner

The title of “Day of Coordinator” is a mixed bag.   First,  many designers and planners think that being a DOC is beneath them.  They view it as the McDonalds in the gourmet world of event design and management.  Second, so many event hosts or brides believe they do not need a DOC, they  want to save money and in order to do so they enlist their  family members, their friends, or their bridal party to handle all the necessary duties to pull off their special occasion.

As a Designer/Planner I take great pride in helping a client have the perfect event, even if it is not my design.  Nothing can highlight a planner’s immense talent for her craft more than seamlessly managing an event that he/she did not plan from the beginning.  Although the dream job “is” creating the picture from the blank canvas, taking someone else’s building blocks and orchestrating the perfect party can be much more challenging.  A true event designer and coordinator does not turn their nose up at these jobs, but attacks them head on with the same amount of gusto as a Full Event Design job.

Day of Coordinator, No DIY, Do not Do it yourself As far as the DIY host, which would you prefer?  Enjoying your event with all of your family and friends, or spending the time micromanaging and making sure everything is in place, getting done, or moving forward.

Planners…Day of Coordination is not beneath you.  It is a challenge.

Hosts and Brides, doing it yourself can cause you to miss all those special moments.  Splurge a little so that you can enjoy and bask in the spotlight of your party with all of your loved ones sharing the stage!

Click here and ask us about the excellent options we offer for Day of Coordination.  We would be proud to be a part of your special occasion!

Happy Valentine’s Day

A little more romance for HEARTS day!  Here are a few creative gift ideas!

Maine Wedding Planner, Valentine Ideas




Say “I love you”  on each page with each letter of the alphabet…or how or why you love them!

Maine Wedding Planner, Valentine Ideas



Maine Wedding Planner Valentine Gift IdeasHow about a map of all the significant locations in your life together…so sweet!!!



Maine Wedding Planner Valentine Ideas



OOH…a candy card expresses it in a cute and scrumptulicious (yes I made up the word) way!




So excited about helping couples artistically and creatively express their love when they say “I DO.” Check out our Valentine Proposal Ideas too!


P.S.  Why wait for Valentine’s Day to give gifts that say “I love you.”